The Bike Alliance is a consortium of Northwest Arkansas's leading cycling-related nonprofits. Under BikeNWA's leadership, members work together to drive big, positive, bike-friendly change in the region by supporting one another's efforts, amplifying our collaborative and individual successes, and speaking with a united voice to achieve common goals. Most importantly, a strong network of Alliance members enables us to point to a diverse, engaged, supportive constituency when we're out there fighting for smart street and trail design and bike-friendly policies.

Become an Alliance Member

In service of building a more bike-friendly NWA, one of our goals is to facilitate and amplify the work of the numerous bike-related organizations, teams, clubs, etc. in the region. Alliance members benefit from a close and supportive relationship with BikeNWA.

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2019 Alliance Fundraiser

The Bike Alliance is working together to raise $6,500 for The Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter (NWACS), a private, non-profit organization that provides 24-hour residential, emergency triage care for children throughout Arkansas who are victims of abandonment, abuse or neglect.

The NWACS Staff has identified a significant need for quality, teen and adult sized mountain bikes for their older children to have the opportunity to experience the trails. For those that know the mental and physical benefits associated with trail riding, helping gift the mountain bike experience to these kids is something our community must deliver on.

The $6500 will go towards the purchase of a permanent fleet of quality Trek Marlin 6 mountain bikes (12 total), tubes, and accessories from Phat Tire Bike Shop for the Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter. In support, Phat Tire Bike Shop is absorbing 40% of the retail cost.

Pedal it Forward NWA has committed to assist the NWACS in the annual maintenance of the fleet, ensuring several years of quality experience for the hundreds of children that rely on the shelters high-quality care.

The Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter is a member of our trail community and they need our assistance.