ABOUT: Breakaway Cycling Team  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit committed to eliminating barriers for junior/young road cyclists in Northwest Arkansas under race age 23, empowering young individuals with enduring life skills, and producing world class cyclists and exceptional individuals on and off the bike. 

Breakaway also advocates for junior/young cyclists in other areas by working with multiple organizations to ensure safe race environments, proper infrastructure, and a positive cycling community is built around this growing category of riders. Growing, nourishing, and developing the future cycling community to ensure sustainability and offer opportunity for all.  

Breakaway is organized according to a 3-tier system:

  • Outreach Program—for beginner/recreational riders. Giving back and building the cycling community is important to BCT. Therefore, BCT shall develop an outreach program aimed at educating and supporting juniors interested in the sport. (not an official Breakaway team-open to anyone)
  • Development Team—allows beginners to progress into racing by developing individual and team road racing skills and knowledge. For cyclists ages 13-18. (official Breakaway Team)
  • U23 Race Team—for dedicated, advanced Arkansas racers under racing age 23. (official Breakaway Team)

MISSION STATEMENT: To offer support for juniors in the Northwest Arkansas region in road cycling


CONTACTS: Tiffany Dixon (479-409-9367) or Steve Auchterlonie (816-914-1976)



INSTAGRAM: @breakawaycyclingteam

TWITTER: @breakawaynwa