Special Projects Coordinator

Hailing from Texas, Candice moved to Northwest Arkansas in 2016 specifically for the trails. (She even legally changed her name from "Kosark" to "Kozark" as an homage to the region's hills.) She’s an avid mountain biker, enduro racer, and lover of all things bikes. Over the years, she's worn many professional hats, including those of bookkeeper, retail manager, event planner, and therapist. Candice is a big believer in the healing power of immersing oneself in nature; her favorite way to do this is biking down a long flow trail. Candice has served on the board of local trail advocacy group and Bike Alliance member organization Friends of Arkansas Singletrack since 2017 and is excited to be working with BikeNWA to make Northwest Arkansas a better place for bikes. When she’s not pursuing her goal of seeing all 58 National Parks by the time she turns 40, you can usually find her rolling through Bentonville in her van, Ronda Burgundy, or somewhere in the woods of Northwest Arkansas shredding the gnar.