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Arkansas Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan

Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department; January 2017

"With the successful development of the Arkansas River Trail and the Razorback Greenway, Arkansas is seeing a growing interest in bicycling and walking. Developing local trail systems, making it safe for kids to walk to school, and developing mountain bicycling venues and on-road touring routes are becoming high priority projects in many local communities. Recognizing these and other factors, the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department (AHTD) identified the need to develop a more robust bicycle and pedestrian plan for the state."


NWA Regional Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan

Northwest Arkansas Regional Planning Commission/Alta Planning + Design; 2015

"The NWA Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan provides the blueprint for creating 32 great communities in Benton and Washington Counties. The vision for this Plan states that: Northwest Arkansas’ trail and roadway system will comfortably, safely, and efficiently accommodate bicycle and pedestrian transportation. The linking of local and regional attractions will make the area a world-class bicycle and pedestrian destination. Walking and bicycling will become a common, enjoyable, and viable transportation and recreation choice that promotes active living and a high quality of life in Northwest Arkansas.”


Bentonville Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan


The purpose of the Bentonville Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan is to:

  • Identify trail routes.

  • Establish design standards.

  • Prioritize trail development.

  • Create a plan for budgeting, operations, and

  • maintenance.

  • Identify and address safety issues.


Downtown Rogers Initiative Plan

Gateway Planning Group, Catalyst Commercial, Nabholz Properties, Edward Spivey, Velocity Group, Livable Plans and Codes, BlkElk Media, John Gore; 2015

In 2014, the Mayor and Rogers City Council embarked on a partnership with local leaders to bring Downtown to the forefront of the community’s priorities. The resulting mandate for the Downtown Initiative is fundamentally about preparing for growth in a quality, sustainable way.


Downtown Springdale Master Plan

H3 Studio; 2015

Downtown Springdale stands at a crossroads. In the past, it has suffered from disinvestment, negative perceptions, and has not achieved the level of success in recent years that Northwest Arkansas’ other downtowns have enjoyed. Today, however, Downtown Springdale stands perched upon a groundswell of momentum for revitalization. 

The Downtown Springdale Master Plan builds upon Downtown Springdale’s unique character and authenticity to return it to a vibrant center of commerce and creativity. What was forgotten will once again become the “Main Street of Northwest Arkansas.” 


Fayetteville Active Transportation Plan


This Active Transportation Plan was adopted by City Council resolution No. 81-15 on April 7, 2015 and it will be used to guide the design and implementation of future bicycle and sidewalk infrastructure. The ATP sets forth a vision and a roadmap for measuring success, and it provides the general parameters for the prioritization and design of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure without prescribing solutions for specifi c projects. Individual projects to be implemented should incorporate the vision and principles set forth in this plan, while balancing the goals of the plan, funding availability, citizen input and potential success for each project.