Proposal to let Arkansas cyclists glide, not stop, at intersections falters

Via Arkansas Online

LITTLE ROCK—A bill that would allow bicyclists to go through an intersection without coming to a full stop if oncoming traffic doesn't "constitute an immediate hazard" failed to win a do-pass recommendation Tuesday from the House Public Transportation Committee.

House Bill 1520 by Rep. Brandt Smith, R-Jonesboro, has the support of Bicycle Advocacy of Central Arkansas and a state tourism official who portrayed the bill as a way to enhance Arkansas as a bicycle-friendly state and allow cyclists to avoid breaking the law on rides through areas with little-to-no vehicle traffic.

"This is where we're going as a culture that celebrates good health," Smith, a mountain-bicycle enthusiast, told the committee.

But the committee vote ended in a 7-7 tie, with the bill failing to obtain a majority of those present to send it to the full House.

The proposal often is called the "Idaho Stop." Idaho became the first state in 1982 to enact such a law, and 14 other states have gone on to adopt similar laws, according to testimony.

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