Travel with Care NWA Reaches More than 2,000 Students

7th graders at Lincoln Junior High School

7th graders at Lincoln Junior High School

Bonnie Adams, the Community Outreach Coordinator for our Travel with Care NWA initiative, has had a busy semester. Over the past few months, she visited five schools throughout Northwest Arkansas and shared a message of safety with over 2,000 students, ranging in age from 5-13.

Through games and discussion, Bonnie educated kids and teens about the 3 A's of travel safety:

  • be ALERT to your surroundings
  • dress APPROPRIATELY for the task at hand
  • never ASSUME that a driver sees you, never assume that a car will stop at a stop sign or red light, and never assume that other people know the three A's of travel safety

We believe it's critical to educate the next generation to become responsible, courteous street users, but Bonnie's message is meant for more than just these students—it's meant for the mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters currently driving, walking, running, and biking in Northwest Arkansas. As such, Bonnie encourages every student to pass on the lessons they've learned to their friends and family—and to offer to help mom type that text while she's driving...

If you'd like Bonnie to come speak at your child's school, drop her a line at

Travel with Care NWA is a safety initiative of BikeNWA dedicated to promoting safety awareness among drivers, cyclists, runners, and pedestrians throughout Northwest Arkansas. Learn more at