From Four Wheels To Two


NORTHWEST ARKANSAS—Biking is a popular pastime in Northwest Arkansas with more than 200 miles of bike trails around the area, but it's becoming more than just a hobby with many people shifting from four wheels to two.

BikeNWA Executive Director Paxton Roberts said, "We see thousands of users coming out and using the trails for both exercise and transportation."

The U.S. Census shows the number of people peddling to work increased about 62% from 2000 to 2014. Here in Northwest Arkansas, changes are steering that growth into high gear. Roberts said, "We are leading the country right now in development of both on-street and off-street trails."

One Northwest Arkansas city is adapting its roads, paving the way for more bicyclists. Rogers City Engineer Nathan Becknell said,"As we build new streets, as we go out and modify existing streets or overlay existing streets, you'll start to see different patterns for traffic out there." Becknell said as more people transition to two wheels, we may see less traffic back-up. He said, "If you think about that bike, especially if it's a commuter, that is one less car that's in front of you. So if you have 100 bicyclists, they take up the space of about five cars, so you can really reduce that congestion if it really takes off."

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