City's New Application Process Empowers Tactical Urbanists to Undertake Placemaking Projects

FAYETTEVILLE July 20, 2017—Though the City of Fayetteville soft-launched its tactical urbanism permit application less than a month ago and officially opened it to the public just yesterday, two approved projects are already on the calendar.

On July 23rd, at the intersection of Church Ave. and Center St., Fayetteville resident and safe streets advocate Michael Ward will lead a team of volunteers in adding crosswalks, extending curbs to create protected buffer zones for pedestrians, and using paint to establish visually distinct areas for various types of road users.

A rough site plan for the improvements at Center and Church.

A rough site plan for the improvements at Center and Church.

Ward, an associate at High Street Real Estate & Development, hopes that these provisional improvements will slow down vehicular traffic, thereby making the intersection safer for pedestrians and cyclists. The installation is scheduled to remain in place until November.

The following day, Alli Quinlan, another Fayetteville resident and safe streets advocate, will facilitate a design charrette for Yvonne Richardson Community Center summer campers to develop creative crosswalk design patterns for the intersection of Mill Ave. and Rock St., directly in front of the YRCC. According to Quinlan, who serves on the Planning Commission for the City of Fayetteville and as the President of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, the intersection’s complicated traffic pattern (cars from one direction must stop, cars from another must yield, and cars from a third direction don’t have to do either) and “one very oversized curb radius” create “a dangerous intersection condition for pedestrians.”

Existing conditions at Mill and Rock.

Existing conditions at Mill and Rock.

On August 11th, Alli and volunteers will implement the summer campers’ chosen crosswalk design and reduce the offending curb radius. These improvements, which will remain in place for at least two months, will be accompanied by a new, permanent 3-way stop, to be installed by Fayetteville’s Transportation Division.

Mill & Rock - improvements.jpeg

One of the primary goals of tactical urbanism is to “test before you invest.” As such, Michael and Alli and their fellow tactical urbanists hope that these installations will give rise to permanent solutions and encourage others to think about how they can improve their communities through similar strategies.

Through our Travel with Care NWA safety awareness initiative, BikeNWA will provide support and resources from our tactical urbanism materials library for both projects.

July 23rd – Church & Center / Installation begins at 8AM
July 24th – Yvonne Richardson Community Center / Design charrette begins at 3:45PM
August 11th – Mill & Rock / Installation begins at 7AM

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Sam Slaton (BikeNWA) – sam@bikenwa.org – 501-831-5389
Michael Ward – michael@highstreetred.com – 479-790-6303
Alli Quinlan – atq@flintlocklab.com