We believe that clear language is critical in guiding the conversation about a more bike-friendly Northwest Arkansas. As such, we put together this short (evolving) guide to some common phrases so you can help us move the conversation forward.

  • people on bikes/person on a bike (not cyclist) - this phrasing serves to humanize those who choose to (or must) use bikes to go places, à la this fantastic Bike PGH campaign. "Cyclist" too often evokes "hardcore" Lycra/Spandex-clad roadies, which does not fully reflect the diversity of the cycling community.
  • crash/collision (not accident) - click here for an explanation of why BikeNWA believes the word "accident" should pretty much never be used to describe a collision between a car and a person on a bike.
  • all ages & abilities - BikeNWA believes (in accordance with NACTO guidelines) that all bike infrastructure should be designed to accommodate people of all ages & abilities.
  • protected bike lane - the protected bike lane (i.e. an on-street bike lane separated from vehicular traffic by a horizontal buffer and some sort of positive delineation, such as bollards, a curb, parallel parking, trees, planters, etc.) is the safest and most accessible form of bike infrastructure. While a protected bike lane might be overkill for very low-volume, low-speed streets, generally protected bike lanes are what we advocate for.