Founded in 1999 as the Bicycle Coalition of the Ozarks, BikeNWA has been working for nearly two decades to make Northwest Arkansas a more bike-friendly region. We do this in two ways: by supporting and amplifying the work of local bike organizations (click here to learn more about the Bike Alliance of Northwest Arkansas), and meeting with local elected officials to advocate for better bike infrastructure and bike-friendly policies.

With the construction of the Razorback Greenway and an ever-expanding network of world-class off-road trails, Northwest Arkansas has quickly become a mecca for mountain bikers and casual cyclists. We've come a long way, but this is just the beginning

Our Mission

Our mission is to transform Northwest Arkansas into a fun and welcoming place to ride bicycles for both recreation and transportation by creating a vibrant cycling community and a safe & connected network of on-road and off-road bicycling infrastructure.

Our Vision

Our vision is a Northwest Arkansas that supports and encourages people to choose cycling as part of an everyday active and healthy lifestyle.

We believe that a safe community for cycling contributes to a world-class quality of life in Northwest Arkansas.
— Paxton Roberts, Executive Director of BikeNWA

What We've Achieved

  • BikeNWA developed the first bicycle safety curriculum for public schools in Arkansas. Integrated into regularly scheduled physical education classes, this program teaches students how to ride safely on roads and soft- and hard-surface trails through classroom instruction and on-bike training.
  • BikeNWA successfully advocated for the inclusion of bike-specific additions to the Arkansas State Driver's Education Manual, thereby ensuring that new drivers are aware of cyclists and fully apprised of their responsibility to share the road.
  • BikeNWA led efforts to establish Bike/Walk Arkansas, a statewide bicycle and pedestrian coalition representing advocacy and user groups committed to increasing bike/ped access throughout the Natural State.
  • BikeNWA assisted with the reimagining of BMX/skate parks in Bentonville and Rogers.
  • BikeNWA has guided community leaders on study tours of Copenhagen, Denmark; Madison, WI; and Boulder and Fort Collins, CO.
  • BikeNWA has reached nearly 2500 students throughout the region with our Travel with Care safety message.
  • BikeNWA produces the 3-day, 3-city Natural State Criterium Series.
  • BikeNWA launched a comprehensive online calendar of biking events in Northwest Arkansas.
  • BikeNWA hosts a growing digital resource library
  • BikeNWA partnered with the Walton Family Foundation and PeopleForBikes to conduct a region-wide survey about the economic impact of biking in Northwest Arkansas.
  • BikeNWA collaborated with UAMS to develop a bike education program for our region's Latino and Marshallese communities.