Pedicab Operator - Downtown Bentonville

A pedicab is a pedal-powered tricycle with room for 2-3 adult passengers in the rear and one operator in front. Pedicabs are an ideal supplement to Bentonville’s thriving downtown: they increase access to restaurants, shops, parks, hotels, and other attractions for residents and tourists alike while mitigating vehicular traffic congestion and offsetting the need for on-site parking.

Pedicabs will be piloted by independent operators, who will lease pedicabs from BikeNWA. Though working independently, operators will be de facto ambassadors for BikeNWA and the Northwest Arkansas cycling community. As such, operators will be expected to conduct themselves in accordance with BikeNWA's high standards of customer service while following all applicable laws and ordinances. 

Operating a pedicab is a blast, but it's hard work. Fully loaded, a pedicab can weigh more than 400lbs.

Passengers will hail pedicabs much like they would a yellow taxi. An Uber- or Lyft-like ride-request app for pedicabs is in the works.

COMPENSATION: Operators can earn $10/hr plus tips! Excellent customer service skills and a personable demeanor are essential to making this a worthwhile endeavor for operators and passengers alike.

LOCATION: Downtown Bentonville

ROUTES: Passenger might request to be taken on a scenic tour of Downtown Bentonville to explore restaurant options. In this case, a more meandering, ad-hoc route might be more appropriate. This provides operators with opportunities to rely on their firsthand experience of our community to showcase the best of Bentonville has to offer in terms of local businesses, scenic roads, and other attractions.

Under no circumstances shall an operator take a pedicab outside of the area (shown below) demarcated by an orange line or on/in city parks or trails (including the Razorback Greenway). We predict the majority of trips will take place within the darker orange circle.

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  • Valid driver's license

  • Able to operate a pedicab weighing in excess of 400lbs

  • Basic bike maintenance skills

  • Firsthand knowledge of Downtown Bentonville

  • Excellent customer service skills

  • Thorough understand of the rules of the road


  • Operators will be provided with two BikeNWA-branded T-shirts or polo shirts, to be worn at all times while operating pedicabs.

  • Prospective operators must undergo a brief training session and pass a quiz about rules of the road and other applicable laws and ordinances.

TO APPLY: Email Luke Hall at

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ABOUT BIKENWA: Founded in 1999, BikeNWA has been working for nearly two decades to make Northwest Arkansas a more bike-friendly region. With the construction of the Razorback Greenway and an ever-expanding network of world-class natural surface trails, Northwest Arkansas has quickly become a mecca for mountain bikers and casual cyclists. We've come a long way, but this is just the beginning.

Our vision is a Northwest Arkansas that supports and encourages people to choose cycling as part of an everyday active and healthy lifestyle. To that end, we advocate for a network of convenient, low-stress and connected bicycle infrastructure that offers safe riding opportunities for both transportation and recreation for people of all ages and abilities. We also work to cultivate a widespread cycling culture that celebrates an active, healthy lifestyle and grows the regional economy.

BikeNWA is a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit with four full-time staff members. We are primarily funded by the Walton Family Foundation.